The Act of Living

love the ambience

love the ambience

Welcome, thanks for stopping by. I’m Felix from tropical Africa, currently a post graduate student in South Africa. I hold Bachelors’ degrees in Botany and Medical laboratory Science. I live in a dual world, a world of nature and that of diagnostic medicine. Both are exciting worlds and offer a continuous learning experience.

Actually, this is my second blog. My first blog was inspired by my passionate love for music and pop culture.  Although I make a coarse sound when I sing, I’m gifted in spotting great beats and quality lyrics. 24/7 fitness hub was created by the desire to share my personal experience and the challenges I encountered on my journey to weight loss. Here you’ll find health info, amazing food recipes, and simple practical tips to help eliminate fats, burn calories, boost your self confidence and enhance your overall outlook in life.

In my quest to lose weight, I participated in several training classes, changed my diet frequently, starved myself a lot, but my turning point occurred when I found the program that worked right for me- a combination of aerobic, cardio and weight lifting sessions with the appropriate diet. As described on my first post, the cardio sessions help burn fat and the weight lifting sessions help build muscles and maintain physique. In the past 7 years, I’ve studied and researched on a wide range of fitness programs, diet and medical conditions associated with weight loss and can proffer guide lines and solutions.

There is so much I plan to explore and tick off my bucket list. I want to experience life in full and see the world, so every living day is a step further in living my dreams. I’m outgoing and easily develop interests in life, but my passion is in music, nature and wildlife. I love the diversity in wild life and I’m intrigued by the forces that control each niche. I have traveled to different countries in eastern and western Africa driven by my passion and I stay humbled by the close encounter I’ve experienced with the physical world. I like snooker, swimming, mountain climbing and weight lifting (though I’m limited by a posterior hyper extensive injury I suffered during one of my training sessions on my lumbar spine).

Tip: always consult your doctor or health practitioner before embarking on any physical exercise or training program.

I’m always looking for cool people to work with on fun, interesting, creative and unique projects. If you are interested, please page me.


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